Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride

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Sodium Chloride API Supplier in India

Sodium Chloride is an electrolyte replenisher that restores water and salt loss in the body due to trauma or dehydration. It’s given as total parental nutrition and IV fluid. It’s a raw salt that comes as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient to prepare the dosage of salt tablets or fluid. Jatan Exports is connected with approved and certified manufacturers of this API; hence is a renowned Sodium Chloride supplier in India. We can offer high-quality pharmaceutical grades with all required certificates at a competitive price.

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      Product Type – API
      Chemical Formulae – NaCl
      Molecular Weight – 58.443 g/mol
      Synonyms – Natriumchloride, Natrum muriaticium, CINa, Halite, 
      Documents available – USDMF, EDMF, DMF, USFDA, GMP, ISO, WHO-GMP
      Packaging – Standard Packaging & Labelling as per FDA
      Application – Electrolyte replenisher to restore water & salt in the body 
      Dosage – As advised by Doctor 
      Side Effects – Pulmonary embolism, circulatory failure, hypertension

Mechanism of Action

Sodium and chloride are the electrolyte component of the extracellular part that balances the volume and pressure of blood in the body. Sodium is absorbed through the small intestine to help to absorb water, amino acid and glucose. Whereas, chloride as HCL supports digestion by absorbing various nutrients. Its intake helps the body to maintain the balance of 300gm of salt in blood and other fluids of the tissue dissociated into ions of sodium and chloride.



Yes, Sodium Chloride is available as a tablet and it’s an over-the-counter drug.Doctors also prescribe fluid through IV for patients with excessive dehydration.

Yes, Sodium Chloride can prevent muscle cramps due to water loss or excessive sweating.

The doctor advises Sodium Chloride for excessive water loss due to low salt syndrome, and hyponatremia.

The symptoms of low Sodium Chloride symptom in the body are fatigue, muscle cramp, spasm pain, seizures, etc.

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