Citicoline Sodium

Citicoline Sodium

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Citicoline Sodium API manufacturer in India

Citicoline is a psychostimulant prescribed for treating stroke, brain trauma, injury, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. It promotes brain health, nourishes nerve cells, and rises the level of neurotransmitters, protecting the brain from aging, toxins, and damage.

Cognitive diseases are increasing at a very high rate; hence globally the production of this medicine is also increasing. India is one of the top Citicoline Sodium API Suppliers among global pharmaceutical companies. 

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Product Type – API

Chemical Formulae – C14H25N4NaO11P2

Molecular Weight – 510.31 g/mol

Synonyms – CITICOLINE SODIUM 33818 – 15-4 Citicoline sodium salt IP 302 sodium CDP-choline

Documents available – USDMF, EDMF, DMF, USFDA, GMP, ISO, WHO-GMP

Packaging – Standard Packaging & Labelling as per FDA

Application – Improve brain health and treats the neurological disorder

Dosage – Take 500-1000mg twice the daily maximum of up to 12 months. (Take the medicine as per the Doctor’s advice)

Side Effects – Constipation, headache, stomach pain, blurred vision

Mechanism of Action 

External administration of Citicolinde promotes choline and cytidine, which act as a substrate and synthesize a primary neuronal membrane, i.e. phosphatidylcholine. It also enhances acetylcholine synthesis.

Regeneration of more and more neuronal membranes ensures speedy recovery from brain stroke. Furthermore, it alleviates toxicity due to free fatty acid and ceases ischemic attacks.It safely and effectively treats stroke.



Citicolinre sodium can be administered by oral dosage, IV injection, or through eye drops.

To be on the safer side consult a doctor before taking any medicine; however, there is no evidence of risk of taking citicoline by pregnant women or children below 1 year.

Patients with a recent brain stroke or blood clot in the brain can get a speedy recovery within 3 months of taking citicoline in oral or intravenous form.

Citicoline has choline, an essential nutrient that is naturally found in the human body. It nourishes brain cells and nerves to promote cognitive health. On extraneous administration of this drug damaged cells and nerves of the brain repair and improves memory and functioning.

Jatan Exports is one of the most reliable Citicoline Sodium API Exporters in India connected with FDA-approved and certified manufacturers in India. The team is highly motivated and dedicated to providing the fastest quotation, delivery, document support, and after-sales service.

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