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Jatan Exports - The One-Stop Platform for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Jatan Exports is one of the leading Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients/API exporters and suppliers in India serving across the world with medicinal raw materials. Our strong network with reputed API manufacturers in India has enabled us to seamlessly supply certified pharmaceutical raw materials to international pharmaceutical companies.

Competitive value, fastest delivery, and authentic products with documentation adhering to international standard is our strength and unique proposition. We are a team of energetic and veteran experts in this industry committed to serving mankind with an adequate supply of medicinal raw materials.

Our advanced technology and strong communication system in this industry have empowered us to supply API of any specification, pharmacopeia, and quantity with relevant documents. We are available round the clock to serve all international time zones.

About Us

Our Story & Strength

The brand, Jatan Exports was initiated in March 2022 as a top-notch name among the best API exporters and suppliers in India. Within a very short span of time, we have earned the trust of leading medicinal end-product manufacturers and importers in the international market of Latin America, Germany, Russia, Egypt, North Africa, Canada, Dubai.

In the first quarter of our inception, we have addressed 500+ inquiries/orders from the global pharmaceutical market. Our CRM, operation system, marketing, procurement, and supply process are empowered by the latest technological advancement to help us maintain an immaculate API trading system.

We are the most promising platform connecting API manufacturers in India and buyers in international markets.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to serve mankind as renowned API traders in India with an adequate supply of medicine around the globe. The speed with accuracy and efficacy is our strength.

As qualified API suppliers in India, our mission is to be the strongest unit in the global endeavor to produce adequate quantity and quality medicine, which can eliminate the shortage.

Our Pillars & Team

Our directors and founders are Mr. Mohit Chopra and Ms. Megha Lodha, the duo cousins who are strong, steady, and hardworking in accomplishing their objective of serving mankind. They are weaving this dream since their childhood days and finally, now they are the most promising API exporters in India. After completing their higher education, they did rigorous research in this industry with market leaders.

Since the pandemic hit, the urge of setting up this platform became obdurate and started structuring on witnessing the shortage of medicines. Ultimately, the dream shaped up as Jatan Exports.

We are armored with an extremely dedicated and experienced team, who believes in Doing and Keeping Doing to save people from dying due to lack of medicine. We are set to create a benchmark in this sphere and overcome all that comes in the way of our success. As API traders in India, we want to be the one name in this global market.

Our Milestone for this Financial Year

We are focused on developing a search-engine-optimized website, which will help consumers reach us with just a click and address their search for the best API exporters in India. Our marketing team is empowered with digital technology to accomplish the same.

Our marketing team is working on reaching another 1000+ prospective clients of API, herbal extracts, and nutraceutical extracts. Our supply and procurement team is gearing up with new methods and technical updates to reach out to 500+ suppliers across the globe.

Besides, we have started a blog section to educate people on various diseases and their precautions, which can stop the widespread. This platform aims to raise health awareness and the need for medical advice from an early stage.

What does Jatan literally mean?

The word Jatan has its origin in the Sanskrit language. It literally means nurturing with care and embracing with love. It also means endeavoring to achieve the best. Hence, Jatan Exports stands as an emblem to nurture mankind with therapeutic raw materials to support the global effort of delivering maximum medicines in saving lives.

We are a recognized API supplier in India armed with a team of industry experts to ensure the fastest supply of medicinal raw materials. To comply with international regulations of medicine-making procedures we provide all critical and authentic document support to our clients.

What our logo stands for?

Our logo stands as a symbol of the literal meaning of Jatan; i.e. nurturing with care and embracing with love. Its artwork presents J of Jatan encircling the global network with the fastest supply of medicinal raw materials.

The encompassing circle across the alphabet J also has an underlined meaning representing the teaching of our Inspiration, Guide, and Guru, Mr. Rajiv Chopra, our honorable President. He says the success of the work is encompassed in a circle that acts as a string holding all the team members and being complete with their joint effort and efficacy.

Similarly, in the global cycle of empowering the pharmaceutical industry, we want to stand as a strong unit of the circle and serve mankind. As our first initiative toward this endeavor, we stepped in as leading API suppliers and exporters in India connecting with the world with the fastest supply of quality medicinal raw materials.


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