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The tradition of imports and exports has created our identity across the world. For the last three decades, we have been operating in the international market as a group of companies dealing with luxury watches and toys.

With an ambition to serve mankind with medicine and take part in the global endeavour to produce maximum drugs, we have been researching the market since 2015. After developing a profound knowledge and association with some leading manufacturers, we have come up with our API, herbal, and nutraceutical extracts export division under the brand name Jatan Exports Pvt.

Over the last three decades, we have built a reputation for professionalism, achieving new heights with tremendous capability and sufficient infrastructure. Our critical and well-leveraged network of sales interfaces with well-equipped and organized representation is the key to our success story. Thorough and extensive study has enabled us to effortlessly integrate products and logistics to accomplish the process of exporting. Our skill set is critical to achieving the ideal coordination, implementation, and customer service balance. We are dedicated and prudent to serve our clients with the best effort.

Our Mission

We walk the extra mile to accomplish the committed service to our clients.

Our Vision

We are committed to serving mankind and supporting their health and wellness. We desire to reach out to every patient in need of medicines.

Our Management

Adhering to the heredity of parents and grandparents, the young entrepreneurs are carrying a torch forward to serve mankind. Mr. Mohit Chopra and her sister Megha Kharar have taken up the lead role to expand the segment of API, herbal, and nutraceutical extracts export.

Mohit Chopra


Megha Kharer



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