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An authorized API exporter from India to Romania, Jatan Exports offers competitive pricing in addition to end-to-end regulatory document support. Acquire powdered, injectable, and micronized forms of API export from India to Romania and a few other European nations.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Nutraceutical Extracts

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List of Regulatory Documents we provide:

– Drug Master File, GMP, ISO certificates
– Elemental Impurities, Residual Solvent, Root of Synthesis
– USP/BP/EP pharmacopeia
– Micronised, Injection, & powder grades

Regulations in Romania that help buyers

We offer the following client-friendly business policies to make your terms and conditions more favourable:

  • The 30/90/120-day payment period DA or LC
  • Transport by air or sea
  • Samples at no extra cost
  • Un- standard packaging
  • After-sale assistance
  • Round-the-clock phone and email assistance

Therefore, you can stay in touch with over 10,000 Indian manufacturers of API raw materials by working with us.

Why Jatan Exports

Get the quickest delivery in three simple steps when you place an order.

To get quotes, follow these three simple steps:

  • You can submit an email to mail@jatanexports.com or complete the inquiry form.
  • Send the documents and the MOQ requisition.
  • Compare the top three quotes given by us from top-notch manufacturers in India.

Regular terms with 3-to 7-day expedited delivery

If you’re looking for an API export from India that can be delivered urgently, between three and seven working days, Jatan Exports can help. We have dependable freight and clearing house accounts, so we can assure a flawless delivery experience.

We can deliver products more quickly and with the highest level of purity thanks to our partnerships with top Indian producers of API raw materials. Packages that have not been approved are available from us at no extra charge. The material is transported in airtight containers on our HDPE drums, complete with batch numbers and other pertinent information about storage. Our API clients have overwhelmingly given us positive feedback and reviews, praising our delivery.

Please fill out the inquiry form or send us an email at mail@jatanexports.com if you would like help setting up the delivery of your shipment to the port of your choosing at any incoterm agreement.


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