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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

As an API exporter from India, we source our products from over a thousand certified manufacturers in India. There are USP/EP/BP pharmacopeias available along with all grades.Read More »

Nutraceutical Extracts

We are a nutraceutical extracts exporter from India helping import in Romania with incoterm delivery, regulatory documents, and flexible pavement terms.Read More »

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts in pharma are available with GMP and laboratory reports. Get commercial quantity export in Romania at a rock-bottom price.Read More »
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DMF Support | Instant Quotation | 3-7 days Incoterm delivery | Unbeatable export price

Makes us the most trusted API export from India in Romania

Jatan Exports supports API export from India to Romania and other European countries with DMF support and EP pharmacopeia. Besides, we also provide USP/BP form of API with respective regulatory documents. We ensure quality, on-time delivery, and consistent sales support to enable our clients seamless purchase experience.

Get pharma grades and all forms of medicinal raw materials from us. We offer instant quotations, document support before order processing, and competitive prices in CIF, CIP, FOB, and all standard incoterms.

Why are we among the top 10 API exporters in India?

  • Strictly upholds the commitment to quality
  • Incredibly low cost
  • Shipment with expedited delivery
  • Every incoterm option available
  • Reduced insurance, clearing, and freight charges
  • Simple policies for payments

We provide all regulatory documents support & major pharmacopeia

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Send an email to or give us a call at +91 9123350012 via Whatsapp.

To get free samples from API raw material manufacturers in India connect with Jatan Exports.

Jatan Exports is one of the few API exporters from India that provides DMF for registration in Romania.

Yes, you may get incoterm deliveries like CIF, CIP, FOB, and CFR through air and sea offered by Jatan Exports for importing API & pharmaceutical raw materials from India to Romania.

Jatan Exports offers 99% pure API in USP/BP/EP grades, along with pharma-grade herbal and nutraceutical extracts.

About Us -

Jatan Exports exports Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, nutraceutical extracts, and herbal extracts. We are well-known for API export from India, and our suppliers are verified Indian manufacturers of API raw materials with US FDA registration that offer thorough regulatory document support. We export by air and sea following CFR, FOB, CIF, and FCA, which are international standard practices. For smooth clearance and incoterm delivery, we have relationships with excellent freight companies.

Currently, we are one of India’s most sought-after API exporters, serving Romania. We want to perform better than any other pharmaceutical company on the market by expertly balancing supply and demand. Our mission is to serve mankind and be an active unit in the supply of pharmaceutical raw materials.


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