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Jatan Exports intends to bridge the gaps resulting in drug shortages and set a benchmark in the pharmaceutical industry. According to FDA(1), many life-saving and critically essential drug production is running short. This problem is becoming complex due to multidimensional issues; like Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) or raw materials supply, cost, logistics, etc. As a merchant trading organization, we have created a niche of Api manufacturers/suppliers in India to overcome the shortage of raw materials.

Hence, we have equipped our platform to assist drug manufacturers across the world in procuring all necessary raw materials at the drop of a hat. Our unique point is lightning-speed procurement and delivering industry-standard quality API at the best price.

Jatan Exports contributing to India’s prominence in the global pharmaceutical industry

India is known as the “pharmacy of the world”(2). It is one of the leading producers of medicines, API, and other raw materials in the international pharmaceutical industry. Jatan Exports has taken a pledge to strongly contribute to this segment to drive evolution comprising key factors like comprehensive infrastructural development, the balance of the supply and production process, and authentic raw materials. Our market research, diversification, and networking have resulted in our exponential growth.

Within a very short period, we have earned the trust of many leading API manufacturers/suppliers in India and offshore ensuing to becoming their most valuable supplier. Our business principle is industry standard product and service delivered on time.

What does Jatan & its Logo stands for?

The literal meaning of Jatan is lifetime care and encapsulating the same the logo stands as a symbol of encompassing the globe with care and passion. The design and concept of the logo of Jatan Exports descend from the GLOBE that encompasses every corner of this world. Our strong network can readily reach you to serve at lightning speed and deliver your desired API to your doorstep or port.

In the volatile landscape of health and medicine, we have carved a niche to serve mankind and bolster the pharmaceutical industry. India is a land of leading. Our vision and mission are for the health and wellness of mankind; which we want to accomplish with help of our network of API manufacturers/suppliers in India. The global need for medicine counts on us; hence we can go all those extra miles to deliver our clients the quality product in the fastest time period.

Jatan Exports – A future perfect global name for medicinal raw materials

Jatan Exports envisages the future of the pharmaceutical industry and its demand and supply in the succeeding period. Our extensive and comprehensive research about critical areas in the industry of health and medicine domain has augmented us to create an integrated procurement, logistic and supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. 

Within a very short period of time; we have earned the trust and confidence of many renowned medicine manufacturers and traders across the world. We have set a prominence in the international pharmaceutical market of Latin America, Germany, Egypt, North Africa, Europe, Russia, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and several other regions.

Our strength is deep research and marketing in this industry empowered by a young energetic and experienced team of professionals.

What are the top 3 product categories of Jatan Exports?

The top three product category of Jatan Exports are as followings:

  1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API
  2. Nutraceutical Extracts
  3. Herbal Extracts

Beside API, India has been a jackpot of herbal ingredients since ancient period of time. Many companies across the world produce herbal end products and they depend on raw materials from India. Understanding this condition, we have associated ourselves with certified herbal extracts manufacturers/suppliers in India. Before delivering the product to the client we scrutinise the certificates and accreditation of the company, check market reviews and then serve our client with desired products.

Similarly, we have a list of reliable nutraceutical extracts herbal extracts manufacturers/suppliers in India to serve end-product manufactures across the world. No matter, whatever quantity is required we will deliver the same in at least time with safety measures.

Helping you keeping healthy is our focus

Our multidimensional pursuits have helped us to seamlessly integrate our operation aligned with the demands of the industry and make a difference in this segment.

Jatan exports is armoured with technical updates, marketing expertise, financial brains, managerial efficacy, energetic team of professionals, and all that it takes to serve the global nation. We thank you for reading our introduction blog and requests keep connected with us to know about the pharmaceutical industry, utility of various medicines, and sourcing API or or other medicinal raw materials.

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