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We can supply any pharmaceutical raw material you need because we have connections with over a thousand manufacturers of API raw material manufacturers in India.Read More »

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Makes us the most trusted API export from India in vietnam

Serving the global need and supply of Indian pharmaceutical raw materials is Jatan Exports’ constant focus. We have provided API export from India to numerous pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam in a very short time. Our clientele includes some of Asia’s most well-known traders and manufacturers of API and finished dosage, who value our offerings.

Do you want to know why our client always goes with Jatan Exports?

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Quickest delivery respecting the agreed-upon deadline
  • Full support for regulatory documents
  • Post-purchase assistance
  • Adaptable terms for payments

We provide all regulatory documents support & major pharmacopeia

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One of the best vendors and API exporters from India doing business in Vietnam is Jatan Exports.

Jatan Exports is one of the few businesses that offers API purchasers free samples for research and development without requiring them to place a purchase order for commercial quantities.

Jatan Exports, one of the most reputable API exporters in India, provides DMF in addition to complete regulatory document support.

Being one of the most well-known API exporters in India, Jatan Exports offers the current catalogue of all API manufacturers in India. Contact us by phone at +91 91233 50012, via email at, or by visiting our website at

About Us -

Among the most well-known API exporters in India, Jatan Exports is one name for API buyers in Vietnam. We were able to establish a solid reputation in this field very quickly, which led to a flood of inquiries. We offer all of our clients the utmost assistance in fulfilling their pharmaceutical raw material purchase obligations.

We began operations in 2022 with just two employees, but today we have a large team of specialists providing each buyer with sufficient support, the best API price, the quickest shipping, and comprehensive regulatory document support.

Our goal is to provide humanity with essential medications during medical emergencies and to raise awareness of the right way to treat illnesses in order to eradicate them.


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