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Serving Qatar’s pharmaceutical industry and its regulations, Jatan Exports is an Indian exporter of APIs. With us, you can obtain full regulatory document support and all pharmacopeia at no additional cost. We guarantee prompt delivery of UN-approved, insured packages to all international locations. In order to guarantee quality and security in every way, we work with well-known names in the industry for freight and clearance.


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Now get complete regulatory documents at no extra penny with Jatan Exports:

– DMF/GMP/ISO (all regulatory documents support & technical lab reports)

– Elemental Impurities, Residual Solvent, Root of Synthesis

Why Jatan Exports

Policies to Benefit Buyers in Qatar

We extend customer-friendly business policies to incline your terms and conditions:

  • Payment period of 30/90/120 days or LC
  • Sea/Air freight
  • UN-approved packaging
  • Through post-sales support
  • 24 x 7 x 365 days email and call support

Hence, with us, you can keep connected with 10000+ API raw material manufacturers in India.

World's fastest delivery times

After a purchase order is placed, we can deliver the packages in 3–7 days thanks to our solid network with reputable freight companies. As a result, we are well-known for exporting APIs from India to Qatar.

In addition to our products’ unbelievable prices, our freight charges are also among the lowest in the industry, making our clients’ purchase budgets feasible. Give us the list of required APIs, and you can be sure that your warehouse will receive all of the materials. We’ll take care of everything necessary to ensure a flawless shopping experience at the greatest possible price and quality.

Contact us at mail@jatanexports.com or complete the form below to have API shipped to any location in the world.


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