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The leading name in the Indian API export market is Jatan Exports. After only a few years of operation, numerous pharmaceutical companies in Poland have chosen us to import Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Herbal Extracts, and Nutraceutical Extracts from India. Since we are merchant traders and exporters, the sources we use have undergone USFDA audits and are certified with DMF, GMP, ISO, and other standards.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Nutraceutical Ingredients

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Our list of Regulatory Document support is as follows:

  • Elemental Impurities, Residual Solvent, Root of Synthesis
  • USP/BP/EP pharmacopeia
  • Micronised, Injection, & all grades
Why Jatan Exports

Flexible business policies and international standards services are what we provide:

  • Terms of payment for DA: 30/90/120 days
  • Freight by air and sea
  • Global industry standard Incoterm
  • SAMPLE at no expense
  • Packaging approved by UN
  • post-purchase assistance
  • 24/7 phone and email assistance
  • Delivery within 3–7 business days

In addition to offering some of the purest DMF-grade API and other pharmaceutical raw materials, we also offer the quickest assistance with freight and customs clearance. Delivery within 3–7 working days is guaranteed thanks to our partnerships with excellent shipping and clearing companies. Therefore, you need to get in touch with us right away if you’re looking for API exporters in India that can offer quick delivery.

Cheapest Rate | DMF High-Quality API

Jatan Exports Pvt. Ltd is the answer if you’re searching for API exporters in India who can import API into Poland at a deeply discounted price and provide a lengthy list of supporting regulatory documents. To ensure that our customers have a flawless shopping experience, we source from certified manufacturers, maintain a very thin margin, and offer every assistance we can.

Send us an email at mail@jatanexports.com or complete the inquiry form to arrange for the delivery of your shipment to the port of your choice at the incoterm of your choice.


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