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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our niche of 1000+ API manufacturers in India has enabled us to offer you our active catalogue of over 10,000 API certified and accredited.

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Explore the vastest stock of Nutraceutical extract made in India and get certificates related to pharma grade and quality authentication.

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Herbal Extracts

We are the one-stop solution for your search for pharma-grade herbal extracts manufactured by Indian-certified companies.

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Jatan Exports is committed to providing innovative and affordable solutions to your search for API & pharmaceutical raw materials including nutraceutical and herbal extracts. We serve across the globe as an API Export from India serving with DMF quality products and all regulatory document support.

Our portfolio comprises of top-notch pharmaceutical clients from Guatemala who has taken a high commercial quantity of medicinal raw materials from us. We comply with regulatory documents and certificates required by the countries’ law and medical compliances.

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  • Get all API under one roof
  • Rock-bottom price
  • International standard packaging
  • Competitive freight support in CIF Air/Sea
  • Easy payment terms
  • Complete regulatory document support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jatan Exports Pvt. Ltd is one of the most reliable API exporters from India for Paraguay with vast stock of API made in India.

DMF means Drug Master File is given along with API. Jatan Exports supplies only quality API; hence, you can get DMF certifications along with all APIs.

Yes, Jatan Exports provides UN-approved packages for all materials ensuring the security of the material content.

Different types of freight options provided by Jatan Export for shipping to Guatemala are CIF, CFR, FOB through air, sea, and road.

Jatan Exports provides a Certificate of Analysis, WHOGMP, DMF both open and closed parts (on request), packaging list,m commercial invoice, AWB, Certificate of Origin, Residual Solvent, Root of Synthesis, Stability data, etc.

About Us -

Jatan Exports serves pharmaceutical clients across the world with a supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Nutraceutical Extracts, and Herbal Extracts. We handpick quality products from authentic API manufacturers in India who are USFDA-certified and accredited by international authorities in the world. We follow the international standard practice of exporting pharmaceutical products through air or sea freight.

Since 2022 we started our operation and within a very short period of time, we have earned the trust and served many orders of renowned pharmaceutical companies in Guatemala and other Latin American countries. The team Jatan comprises industry experts who are dedicated to client support and well aware of compliance regulations of this domain.

Our vision is to be the strongest unit in the global endeavour to reach the right medicine to the patients in their most crisis period of medical awareness. Our mission is to supply bulk pharmaceutical raw materials and the global demand and supply graph.

Besides, we endeavour to enhance awareness regarding various diseases and symptoms to make patients so that patients seek medical assistance at the right time without any delay.


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