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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

The stock of API raw material manufacturers in India in DMF quality. We have powder, micronized, and injection grade in USP/BP/EP.
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We provide 1000+ nutraceutical extracts in pharma-grade with all technical data and laboratory reports.Read More »

Herbal Extracts

GMP/ISO grade 99% pure herbal extracts from Indian hub medicinal efficacy are stocked up by us.Read More »
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Makes us the most trusted API export from India in Dominican Republic

Jatan Export is committed to serving pharmaceutical raw materials buyers worldwide, especially in Latin America. We are one of the renowned API exporters in India providing DMF-quality API and 99% pure pharma-grade of herbal and nutraceutical extracts.

Our price quotations are instant and unbeatable in the market and provide speedy incoterm delivery. We provide certified and accredited materials in UN-approved packaging.

Why choose us?

  • 1000+ API stock in one catalogue
  • Unbeatable price
  • UN-approved packaging
  • Freight & clearance support in all incoterm
  • Flexible payout
  • Comprehensive regulatory paper and report

Certificates & Pharmacopeia we provide

Hereby we answer all your questions

FAQ to answer your queries

Jatan Exports is an API exporter from India, the most trustworthy and reliable in the Dominican Republic.

The full form of DMF is a Drug Master File, a report stating the composition or detailed information of the API.

Jatan Exports provides DMF quality API to pharmaceutical buyers in the Dominican Republic.

UN-approved HDPE drum is the internationally approved packaging standard; hence, Jatan Exports abides by it and practices API exporters from India to the Dominican Republic.

Various types of incoterm delivery options provided by Jatan Export for shipping to the Dominican Republic are CIF, CFR, and FOB through air, sea, and road.

Yes, Jatan Exports provides Elemental Impurity, Root of Synthesis, and other lab reports.

About Us -

Jatan Exports provides a global supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Herbal Extracts, and Nutraceutical Extracts to pharmaceutical clients in the Dominican Republic. We carefully select high-quality goods from reliable API manufacturers in India who have received accreditation from global authorities and US FDA certification. We export pharmaceuticals via air or sea freight in accordance with international standard practice.

We have been in business since 2022, and in that brief time, we have gained confidence and fulfilled numerous orders from well-known pharmaceutical companies in Guatemala and other Latin American nations. The industry professionals on the Jatan team are committed to providing excellent customer service and are knowledgeable about the laws governing this field.

Our goal is to lead the global effort to provide patients with the appropriate medication during their most critical medical awareness period. Our goal is to supply the global demand and supply graph as well as bulk pharmaceutical raw materials.

In addition, we work to increase patient awareness of various illnesses and their symptoms so that they can promptly seek medical attention when they need it.


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