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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

We are the API exporter from India sourcing providing 99% pure material with DMF support.Read More »


Pharma-grade nutraceutical extracts exports are available with us. Check with us for unbeatable prices.Read More »

Herbal Extracts

Competitive prices and certified medicinal-grade herbal extracts are ready for export at Jatan ExportsRead More »
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Makes us the most trusted API export from India in Chile

Jatan Exports is a merchant trader of API, herbal and nutraceutical extracts proactively serving pharmaceutical companies in Chile for API export from India. We are renowned for our rock-bottom price, DMF support at no extra cost, speedy delivery, and accomplishing all standard parameters for export & import.

What makes us most preferred among API exporters in Chile?

  • Adhering to committed quality parameters
  • Competitive quotation with freight & packaging
  • A-Z documents support
  • Freight available for all incoterms
  • Easy payment terms

We provide all regulatory documents support & major pharmacopeia

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FAQ to answer your queries

Mail at or call +91 91233 50012 to connect with Jatan Exports.

USP, BP, & EP pharmacopeia are available with Jatan Exports.

Yes, Jatan Exports provides free-of-cost samples for R&D in Chile.

Jatan Exports provides UN-approved packages for exports. We put the material in an HDPE drum and for sea freight it’s again put into wooden or plastic palettes.

About Us -

Jatan Exports started its operation in the year 2022 and within a financial year, it has created a niche in the Latin American pharmaceutical market including Chile. We are now one of the markets in Chile and serve a lot of commercial orders in our countries.


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