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Jatan Exports is renowned for providing trustworthy, reliable, and reasonably priced API exports from India. This is where you can get DMF quality and support for all other regulatory documents needed to register your formulations in your country. Our suppliers or manufacturers have been audited by the USFDA and approved to export materials to Bulgaria & across Europe.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Nutraceutical Extracts

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Regulatory Documents List that we offer:

– GMP, ISO, and Drug Master File certificates

– Root of Synthesis, Residual Solvent, Elemental Impurities

– USP, BP, and EP pharmacopeia

– Grades for micronized, injection, and powder

Why Jatan Exports

Our useful and strategic business practices for Bulgaria are as follows:

  • Terms of payment for DA: 30/90/120 days
  • Air and Sea Freight
  • Global industry standard Incoterm
  • SAMPLE at no cost
  • UN-approved packaging
  • Post-purchase assistance
  • 24/7 phone and email assistance

Delivery accelerated in three to seven days | Standard incoterms

Jatan Exports is your one-stop destination if you’re looking for an urgent three to seven-day delivery of API export from India. Your delivery experience will be hassle-free because we have accounts with reliable freight and clearing houses.

Our relationship with leading API raw material manufacturers in India has made it possible for us to deliver the purest quality products. We offer UN-approved packages at no additional cost. We transport the material in sealed HDPE drum packages that have all the information regarding storage, batch numbers, and other details mentioned on them. We received overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from our API clients, who are very pleased with our delivery, dispatch, and clearance system.

We offer our valued clients all incoterm deals in Bulgaria at a premium commercial value. Once we have the purchase order, we can ship the material in accordance with the Incoterm policy request made by the client.

For assistance in arranging for the delivery of your shipment to the port of your choice at the incoterm of your choosing, please contact us via email at mail@jatanexports.com or by completing the inquiry form.


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